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I’m Yuryra, a Goddessness Coach, Consciousness Facilitator and Goddess Mentor. I’m here to give you tools to create your relationships, business and heath from the space of who you are.

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 The possibilities of participating in a master class on line or a Goddess event around the world with Yuryra.


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Disfruta "Enciende tu Grandiosidad"

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Your roadmap to successfully starting your own hair and beauty business.

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Let’s get your Goddessness on!

I’ve been a life coach  for the last 15 years, but it wasn’t until I took the leap and started working with the energy of the Goddess and way a empowered woman creates her life that my own life transformed and I was able to change things thar I was struggling to do before. Now  I’m empowering others women around the world to find the potency and beauty they are an create from that space.

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"Today I recognize myself as great as I am, today I can see myself in the first place using my resources to achieve all my  non-negotiables . Without looking back, present, to create a better future. Without  judgments of me and using the judgments that I may receive just to grow without lowering my self-esteem as before.

Thank you thank you for the awareness of these days and I go towards the paths that fill me with Goddessness".

"Hoy me reconozco como lo grandiosa que soy, hoy me puedo ver en primer lugar utilizando mis recursos para lograr todo los no negociables que quiero. Sin mirar atrás, en mi presente para crear un futuro mejor. Sin juicios propios y utilizando los juicios que pueda recibir sólo para crecer sin bajar mi autoestima como antes. Gracias gracias por las tomas de conciencias, voy hacia los caminos que me llenen de diosidad"